in order to gain control of your supply chain, you must first see the big picture

The world we live in today feels a very much smaller and complex place than it has ever been. Our attitudes to how we treat it are also evolving rapidly. Climate change and pandemic have only speeded up that change in attitude. During 2020, the term ‘Supply Chain’ also finally came to the fore, a phrase now heard regularly in the media and one that was pivotal to our resilience against pandemic.

As supply chain complexity and expectation increases, so does our social awareness and responsibility. But how do we deal with increased complexity and increased expectation whilst also addressing our social responsibility ?

As with most things in life, it begins with seeing the big picture, understanding all the components and how they interact with and impact on each other. Nowhere is this more true than in the supply chain. Supply chain technology and software has for decades been focused on understanding individual, silo’d components of the supply chain, focusing only the success of that one component, but rarely looking at the bigger picture.

The ProAct Enterprise Supply Chain Digitalization (ESD) solution changes that focus and allows the user to take a step back and see the big picture, but without ever losing sight of the detail. Being able to drill down from the highest level of end-to-end visibility to the minute detail is the hallmark of ProAct solutions.

Global Factory-to-Consumer Finished Vehicle Logistics

Global, multi-modal Finished Vehicle Yard Management

Global Container and Order Management

The finished vehicle logistics market is evolving like never before, fueled by the increased pace of adoption of new vehicle technologies, the changing way we buy and use vehicles,  new players into the market and the cultural changes accelerated by climate concerns and pandemic.


Finished vehicle yard management – a long used term to the describe the movement, storage and maintenance of new and used vehicles in purpose-built yards. That definition alone will not however secure its existence into the future. Highly flexible and configurable software solution hold the key.


The container logistics market is evolving like never before, fueled by increased demand, impacted by climate considerations, shortage of containers, port congestion, trade disputes and a legacy of market uncertainty left to us by an unprecedented pandemic


Transport Order Management and Execution (TMS)

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Multi-modal Yard Management

A new era of digitalization requires Transport order management solutions of a far more collaborative nature and technology that can deal with the wealth of real-time, real-world data available


Warehouse management solutions have long been expensive, unwieldy monoliths, difficult to deploy and slow to configure.  New, more flexible alternatives offer a less painful way to acquire the capability.


Most yard management solutions deal only with a single mode (ie. road, rail, ocean) or cargo type (eg. trailer, container, bulk product). ProAct yard management solution work across multiple modes and multiple yards within a single deployment.


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