ProAct has been heavily immersed in all aspects of finished vehicle logistics since the late 90’s. Today, it is a key focus within the business and we are rapidly gaining momentum in our goal to become a recognised global best-of-breed logistics solution.

We are already well known in the industry and we believe we possess one of the most complete solutions, both in terms of scope and depth of capability, available on the market today. A number of major global and regional 3PLs, LLPs and, more recently, manufacturers themselves have come to ProAct for the logistics software solution diagram1 that has allowed them to realise their global or regional business strategies and needs.

As a result, many of the world’s major auto manufacturers will have their supply chains touched and influenced (either directly or indirectly) by ProAct solutions. This may be at a plant to dealer level or regional yard management level and most are usually multi-modal in nature.

Key Benefits

Single integrated solution encompassing both global plant-to-dealer logistics and regional yard management.

An ever evolving solution, tuned to both current and future challenges of the industry

Scope and depth of functionality we believe to be unparalleled in the ‘off the shelf’ solutions market

Highly collaborative, web based technology embracing cloud based and mobile solutions

A team of project and support engineers, each with extensive knowledge of the industry, each able to lead the software delivery process with confidence.

Proven over many years and in use managing supply chains and yards for some of the biggest global automotive names

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A strong statement, but one we believe in. In our opinion, the scope and depth of ProAct’s solution capability makes it one of, if not the, most capable ‘off-the-shelf’ solution available today.

We focus equally on maintaining sophisticated functionality both in terms of global plant to dealer logistics and also multi-modal yard management. Our solutions are therefore about embracing complexity and using it to your advantage, rather than diluting it to the point you remove its intrinsic value. As a result, our solutions dynamically plan, manage and execute intercontinental supply chains (at VIN level) whilst at the same time selecting, collaborating with and coordinating the most appropriate service provider for each particular segment of the journey. That journey may include mode changes across road, rail, ocean and air. There may be many added-value activities that must also be incorporated and managed. Vehicles may be containerised, they may be of a high and heavy nature. These are just a few of things that must be considered when moving units globally and, of course, it must all be orchestrated through one single seamless control tower infrastructure.

Likewise, yard management carries its own challenges. It will recognise and automatically determine the correct process based on the make, model, status, destination of the individual vehicle (VIN) and many other parameters. This might also include up-fitting needs, preparation, preventative maintenance, damage management to name a few. Ultimately, the ability to load build vehicles onto rail cars, road trailers or even vessels must be intrinsic to the software capability. Again, sophisticated capabilities and highly configurable processes are key to the success of the ProAct solution. Whatever your specific needs, ProAct believes we can deliver the most strategic capability for your business

A few of the supply chains touched by the ProAct finished vehicle logistics solution

From the ProAct automotive logistics community…

Because of the ease of tailoring the software to suit whatever needs we have, I would rate this software as the best of the best in the industry after working with several other products.

I like the constant improvement of the product as the market changes and ProAct applies the industry-specific knowledge back into the software. The pace is well-balanced – the changes come fast enough to mark continuous improvement but not so fast that it seems chaotic or unplanned.

I appreciate having personal access to every member of the ProAct team. We get to know them as business people, technical experts, and human beings.

I value the senior leaders of ProAct engaging us on a strategic level as often as the tactical level and the joint efforts at finding win-win-win solutions.

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