We are in the midst of probably one of the most prolific periods of change in the automotive industry for generations. Disruption is everywhere, often unpredictable and impacting every facet of automotive, not least the vehicle supply chain. ProAct understands that finished vehicle supply chains are inherently and increasingly complex, dynamic and unique, that decision-making is driven by countless variable parameters and that vehicle logistics has a myriad of nuances not seen in most other types of supply chains. Only a highly-flexible, highly configurable solution, built specifically for the industry can address these global, multi-modal challenges, both today or in the future and deliver true end-to-end visibility.

Even today, those that can claim true factory-to-dealer visibility and control are still rare and progress towards that end remains slow. The looming problem for many OEMs and LLPs is that whilst they continue to play catchup, the landscape has changed, indeed the world has changed. A rapid increase in online ordering and direct consumer deliveries is one consequence of this.

With that will come a host of logistical and management changes. With a diminishing dealer network or even dealer-less OEMs coming to the market, the traditional physical and administrational activities carried out by the dealer (eg. finance, accessories, tax, insurance, PDI, warranty, service, repair etc) will likely be pushed back up into the supply chain. The biggest impact may however be on transportation with a move away from large car transporters (carrying typically up to 12 vehicles at a time) to single delivery vehicles capable of operating in residential areas. Dealing directly with the consumer also presents further customer service and training challenges. But in a world where most OEMs still struggle to provide supply chain visibility to the dealer, how do we then deal with this step change to a new world of logistics, one more complex and more cyclic in nature.

Without technologies such as ProAct, that manages the supply chain as a single holistic entity (from factory to consumer), we can never attain end-to-end control and we can never give the consumer visibility and reliability. The term ‘Digitalization’ is today frequently held up as the solution to all problems, but digitalization is ultimately only a means of extracting, collection and consuming data from real-world sources. In the absence of a technology that can make sense of it, both in isolation and in the context of the whole, such data is relatively worthless.

The ProAct end-to-end finished vehicle solution enables every process, every route and every decision from factory to consumer to be mapped, configured and then autonomously managed and executed within the ProAct digitalization technology. Services, maintenance, repair, upfitting, insurance, registration and just about any process associated with the supply chain can also be configured, automated and managed within the context of the overall supply chain. In addition, rates and tariffs enable the automatic accrual of cost and revenue at either VIN, transport or service level

For ProAct, process digitalisation means a technology that provides a single, seamless, overarching view of the supply chain from production order to consumer delivery and indeed on into aftermarket. It means not tying the business to an oversimplified, inflexible, vanilla supply chain process that misses many of the key stages of control. It means being in control of every service provider in that supply chain, notifying them of their tasks, schedules and obligations and receiving back real-time updates that automatically reproject and re-predict the life of the vehicle.

It means technology that can be rapidly configured and then perpetually reconfigured to deal with and manage every conceivable process and activity that future supply chains may throw at us without be inhibited by complexity. It is a seamless platform to receive and transmit real-time information to or from any type of data source or device though any method. It means leveraging the power of connected vehicles and real-world devices, through use of telematics to gain real-time information and status of the vehicle.

ProAct solution enables detailed, automated ‘factory to consumer’ planning, prediction, execution and collaboration with all service providers

Global multi-modal transport tracking using data from multiple sources including real-time vessel tracking data from MarineTraffic

GPS geofencing enables automatic progression of the VIN process

At the heart of this capability is ProAct’s unique process digitalization engine (PDE), a unique technology that is highly flexible, highly configurable, highly collaborative and highly automated. Its job to plan, manage, execute in real-time, highly complex vehicle supply chains in a completely holistic and seamless manner. It is not inhibited by the complexity or granularity of the supply chain processes and can be configured to digitalise and automate virtually any finished vehicle scenario both now and for the future.
ProAct’s PDE is a technology found nowhere else and one that has evolved to meet the rapidly changing needs of finished vehicle industry over many years. Many software solutions claim to be process orientated and configurable, but in most, if not all cases the scope of configuration is limited, the processes usually predefined and its implementation often difficult . ProAct’s PDE does not place these restrictions on the user, enables not technical users to change processes and decision logic and its effect on execution can be felt in real-time. No other finished vehicle control tower or yard management technology has this capability.


Multi-Time Zone
Multi-Unit Of Measures (UOM)
Multi-Modal (Transport)
VIN Decoding
Factory-to-consumer planning and execution
End-to-end control tower visibility
Aftermarket VIN activity management
Network Yard Management
Yard Graphical real-time visualization
Multi-modal route and process planning
Dynamic multi-modal Itinerary projection
Sophisticated yard process/activity management

Perpetually configurable events & triggers
Service provider allocation and collaboration
Route capacity constraints
Resource capacity constraints
UMLER data storage and reference facility
Document Management (including barcode, QR code creation)
Workshop, Resource & Parts Control and Planning
Truck, Railcar and Vessel Load/Manifest Planning & Tracking
KPI Tracking & MIS dashboarding
Vehicle or Equipment photographic inspections & surveys
‘Hold’ management & release
AIAG format damage management
Upfitting management (PIO,DIO,FIO)
Equipment management
Cost And revenue tariff management
Freight Audit Billing management
Extensive Integration capabilities (EDI, Web Services, APIs, GPS etc)

Resource capacity constraints
Rail Load Management
Barcode Scanning
RFID Configuration
Storage management


VIN originating data capture/request
Status recording (battery, tyre, GPS etc)
Status based rules and task triggers
Automatic assignment of yard tasks
Resolution verification


Android native online/offline App Secure device authorisation
Inspection/Survey Management
Automatic Job allocation & management
Photo, annotation and signature capture
GPS tracking & Geofencing
Range of operational support functions

From the ProAct automotive logistics community…

Because of the ease of tailoring the software to suit whatever needs we have, I would rate this software as the best of the best in the industry after working with several other products.

I like the constant improvement of the product as the market changes and ProAct applies the industry-specific knowledge back into the software. The pace is well-balanced – the changes come fast enough to mark continuous improvement but not so fast that it seems chaotic or unplanned.

I appreciate having personal access to every member of the ProAct team. We get to know them as business people, technical experts, and human beings.

I value the senior leaders of ProAct engaging us on a strategic level as often as the tactical level and the joint efforts at finding win-win-win solutions.

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