ProAct’s ESM solution is built on a scalable, industry standard technology. The entire user interface is web browser based, ensuring the optimum levels of end-user accessibility, visibility and collaboration and removing the need to install and maintain any client side software. In addition, it also means the entire solution is well suited to a hosted deployment, be it within an internal data centre, within a third party data centre or indeed within the ‘cloud’. All of the solution technology resides within the walls of the data centre meaning that the solution can easily be deployed to external third party users or into high risk or difficult countries or emerging markets.

The primary components of the ESM technology are JAVA and Oracle. The solution is developed in JAVA and is designed to run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM), subject to certification. The technology will also reside with multiple web servers (eg Apache, IIS). Oracle then completes the technology stack as the solution data repository, holding both transactional and business configuration data. Load balancing capabilities exist at all component levels to optimise the deployment throughput and scalability.

Solution integration, device integration and EDI capabilities are a core part of the ProAct ESM solution. ProAct deployments typically involve many inbound or outbound data communications. ProAct has over 20 years of experience integrating to all types of system via every type of technology.

Whatever the role of the ProAct ESM within the business, you can be sure the underlying technology will continue to evolve and remain current and relevant for many years to come.

Key Benefits

100% browser based solution

Modern user interface (including mapping, site visualisation)

Java based open technology

Highly scalable (both up and down)


On-premise or cloud based deployments

Oracle database

Extensive EDI capabilities and tools

Extensive device integration capability

Web service support

Mobile device app support

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ProAct is equally comfortable with both cloud based deployments or with on-premise deployments within the client’s datacentre.

Whilst historically most of our deployments have been on-premise, in recent years cloud based/SaaS solutions have increasingly become the platform for delivery.

The benefit of cloud is that the client need only be concerned with application functionality and need not concern themselves with the underlying technology.

The on-premise model still remains an option for those clients that still prefer the comfort and security of having the infrastructure directly within their control.

A few of the supply chains touched by the ProAct ProAct software solutions

From the ProAct solutions user community…

The emphasis on making the software user-friendly recognizes the need for the end-users to be able to use the tool and do their specific jobs.

I like the deep industry knowledge of the team that supports us, which continue to grow over time.

I like the possibilities of the software growing with our needs as we address expanding pieces of the market.

Downtime related to software has not been seen by our organization. We have the utmost confidence in this product to maintain our customer needs.

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