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Welcome to ProAct International – Supply Chain Management Solutions

As the Coronavirus continues to impact around the world ProAct International would like to make clear our position and actions taken to date.
The health of ProAct employees, customers and partners is our primary concern in any event and so in light of global precautions for the COVID-19 Coronavirus and taking into account recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), UK National Health Service (NHS), UK Government and other Governments around the World, ProAct will be adopting the following policy:
The company has adopted, with immediate effect, new travel restrictions for the safety of its employees and customers, which is consistent with current travel guidance by the various organisations.
ProAct is suspending all international travel for meetings and for participation in all external events. All meetings of this nature must take place using virtual methods such as Conference calls and or Video Conferencing. International travel will only be sanctioned for business-critical situations where virtual methods are insufficient. Fortunately the nature of our business in information technology means that we are well equipped to sustain our operations remotely with staff working from home.
If ProAct staff have personal travel planned to affected or restricted areas, they must inform their manager and must self-quarantine for 14 days, working from home, after their trip is completed, per recommendations by health organisations and Governments.
Domestic travel for work or meetings with customers is permitted however ProAct staff are encouraged to also hold these meetings and events virtually if possible.
We will also ensure that we understand and respect the policies of the customers, partners or events we are attending and always follow local restrictions and or enforcements, so please be sure to keep us advised on your own policies.
At these meetings or events we will also adopt a policy of “no handshakes” to further reduce the risk of contracting or spreading the virus and this will also extend to visitors to ProAct offices.
As a well established software solutions provider to our many clients around the world we believe that these restrictions are in the best interests of all concerned and should not adversely restrict our ability to trade or support our products and customers.
ProAct International are keeping those directly affected by this virus in our thoughts and are hoping that we can all stay safe by using all the precautions and guidance available to us from the health authorities

Welcome to ProAct International

Your supply chain is analogous to an orchestra – many pieces playing in harmony to achieve a perfect performance. Playing a wrong note or at the wrong tempo,  the audience will notice and the entire performance is compromised.  

The more complex the musical score or the more pieces involved, the higher likelihood of error.  So whilst the music sheet documents exactly what needs to be played and at what pace, the conductor is critical to its execution, listening to the performance, making split second decisions and instantly directing the players in order to keep all sections aligned and in tune.

This type of dynamic orchestration is key to the performance of any supply chain.

Complexity is inherent in many supply chains, but many perceive complexity to be bad simply because it is difficult to orchestrate.  Whilst no one would ever seek to simplify a great symphony, in the supply chain world we often deal with complexity by simply removing it. Rationalisation and simplification no doubt have their place but over simplification often negates or neutralises the intrinsic value of the supply chain.

At ProAct, we take a different approach.

Don’t strip out complexity simply because it is difficult to manage, learn to manage it by implementing tools that embrace complexity.

  • Strategic tool to drive business objectives
  • Perpetual configuration for ultimate flexibility
  • Process and rules engine to tune accuracy
  • Centralised control…..local empowerment for improved efficiency
  • Decision support for performance management
  • Highly collaborative for heightened communication
  • Predictive planning, tracking and shared visibility
  • KPI and milestone management for delivery promise
  • Cost and revenue management for bottom line improvement

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Flexible, intelligent, scalable – our integrated suite of tools can transform the way you manage every element of your supply chain

Who We Empower

ProAct understands that supply chains are seen and managed for many different viewpoints by different stakeholders. Each perceive and measure value, performance and results in different ways. Each have very different requirements when it comes to software enablement…

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Market Sectors

Whilst supply chain principles are common across many industries the reality is that each industry has its own nuances and subtleties that can render many supply chain software solutions useless. As a result, many software solutions become focused and entrenched within a particular market….

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Global Reach

ProAct International has a long history of deploying solutions on 6 of the 7 continents (Antarctica was too cold even for us !).

Over the years we have worked extensively in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. We’ve also worked in regions such as S. Africa and Oceania…

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ProAct – dedicated to creating perfect, tailor-made supply chain solutions to help your business stand out from the crowd

Who we are

ProAct International is a Supply Chain Software Solutions company that has worked globally with some of the biggest names in the industry for over 25 years, deploying unique and innovative, mission critical, enterprise solutions.

As you would expect after all this time we, and our customers, thrive on our unsurpassed combination of highly skilled individuals, extensive industry knowledge and leading-edge development techniques.

What you might not expect is…..

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What we do

Ultimately, ProAct helps you make your business more efficient, secure and profitable.

We believe this can only happen by forming closely coupled, strategic relationships with our customers. ProAct specialises in creating innovative solutions for the most sophisticated, complex and diverse supply chain needs.

Our solutions are not just a one-time exercise. Because of our systems’ unique, inbuilt flexibility and ease of configuration…

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How we work

ProAct is a relationship based organization, not a volume seller of packages.

We invest upfront in establishing a trust and rapport with our clients before any sale is made. As a result, our client relationships are typically very close, long term and deliver higher value to both parties.

Our knowledge of the industry means we can bring new ideas, techniques and best practices to even the most seasoned supply chain organisation…

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From the ProAct community…

Downtime related to software has not been seen by our organization. We have the utmost confidence in this product to maintain our customer needs.

Over many years of involvement with ProAct International, they have always provided innovative solutions to our specific needs.

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