Solution Development

In addition to perpetual product evolution, driven by market intelligence and industry exposure, ProAct also has a close development relationship with most of it’s customers. Individual customers may drive both minor and strategic changes to the core application, handled and released in agreed timeframes in order to meet specific business needs. This is where the flexibility and value proposition of the ProAct solution far exceeds that of the traditional package or bespoke development approach

Go-to-market Strategy

Long before a ProAct solution is installed, many of our clients have used the product as a route to market. Pre-configured demo or pilot solutions may be provided to a new or existing client in order that they can show and demonstrate differentiating technology to their prospective clients in order to support the winning of new or retention of existing business.

Systems Implementation

Smooth and rapid deployment is a key to the success of the project. Proper design and project management is critical up to this point, however if the physical implementation is not performed swiftly and efficiently then the impact on the business is soon apparent. Deployment is a skill in itself and requires people with a view and understanding of both the business and the IT. Throwing purely technical resources into a deployment rarely leads to success. Where these deployments are global in nature, then an understanding of not only the business, but also regional culture and practices is paramount. ProAct’s deployment teams have precisely these skills gained from many successful deployments worldwide.

Integration can be achieved in a number of different ways ranging from flat ASCII file integration to seamless real-time integration between data sources. Both the business requirement and the flexibility of each integrator will determine the most appropriate method. Many industry standard EDI formats exist, however even within a so-called standard, variations, sometimes significant, can be found from one instance to another. This is common in many of the well know ‘standard’ interfaces. Our experience is that much of the time we are dealing with host systems that use their own proprietary formats and methods

Operational Planning

Implementing a supply chain management solution is only half the story. Without proper process definitions and documented working practices no solution can be entirely effective. Our involvement in operational planning is geared towards helping the business rationalise and re-engineer these processes with a view to maximising the effectiveness of the solution and gaining maximum user acceptance

Design & Consultancy

One of our key strengths is our understanding and knowledge of the market and the ability to clearly align a business requirement with an IT solution. Working globally and across many market sectors, our experience of the market has become extensive. This allows us to make a wider contribution to any project and add more value to the solution. Consequently we are used earlier in the life of a project to aid in business development with the end customer and offer input on both operational and technology issues. We therefore offer a very much hands-on and accountable level of consultancy rather than the more usual hands-off style. At whatever stage of the project we are utilised, be it business development or technical, our clients can be confident that we will represent them in a professional and knowledgeable manner.

Project Management

To ensure successful delivery of each solution, ProAct projects are managed to strict processes by experienced project managers. Their involvement is hands-on and spans the whole lifecycle of the project from feasibility to user acceptance. In the case of corporate users, the project managers themselves will be overseen by an Account manager who has overall responsibility for the client . We strongly believe in the need for strict project management and planning as the only way to ensure complete success of a project.


ProAct International offers a number of courses targeted at end-users, supervisors and systems administrators. Courses are tailored to the specific requirements, environment and market place of the particular deployment to ensure its relevance to the client


The benefits of a ProAct solution are not only in its capabilities and its rapid, low risk deployment, but also in the level of ongoing support and maintenance available. The confidence to grow and expand the business comes from a reliable and evolving support relationship.

ProAct operates a 24×7 support operation, serving clients globally. The support desk is manned by personnel fully trained in the application and client configurations. Support engineers are capable of most resolution activities without the need for additional resource, but have fast and effective escalation procedures should a situation require it. Support engineers will often be involved in on site implementations with a view to bringing back the relevant knowledge into the department and ensure the support team is fully aware of your particular business challenges and context. 

ProAct, together with each client, agrees on a set of support parameters which include the allocation of responsibilities, the response times needed and the coverage required and formalise them in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). ProAct has, over the years built up a reputation for having a responsive and caring support team ready to push the boundaries to find the fastest and most effective resolution for business critical issues.

From the ProAct solutions user community…

The support and day to day contacts are extremely professional and ensure that all new development is monitored and works to expectation, so that there is no impact to our customer.

The emphasis on making the software user-friendly recognises the need for the end-users to be able to use the tool and do their specific jobs.

The best part of being involved with the ProAct team is the high level of integrity that shows up in every situation.

Downtime related to software has not been seen by our organization. We have the utmost confidence in this product to maintain our customer needs.