Yard Management for container, trailer and bulk logistics

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Key Benefits

A one-stop, multi-facility solution for multi-cargo, multi-modal yards

A sophisticated cross dock management capability, without the ‘baggage’ of a WMS

Geared to dealing with the nuisances and handling characteristics of various cargo types. (cars, containers, bulk products)

Automatic, user defined, bay allocation and cargo processing rules

Configurable road and rail load building capabilities by equipment type.

On site storage and inventory management and visibility capabilities (docks, racks, silos, tanks etc)

Sophisticated VIN level management for finished vehicles.

Truck scale integration for net movement of bulk cargo.

From the ProAct solutions user community…

Downtime related to software has not been seen by our organization. We have the utmost confidence in this product to maintain our customer needs.

The emphasis on making the software user-friendly recognizes the need for the end-users to be able to use the tool and do their specific jobs.

I like the possibilities of the software growing with our needs as we address expanding pieces of the market.

I like the deep industry knowledge of the team that supports us, which continue to grow over time.

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