Global multi-modal Finished Vehicle Yard Management

Accuracy, quality and efficiency are all basic customer expectations in today’s market, no longer are they differentiators. So however efficient you may think you are, however large and sophisticated your yards or compounds may be, in order to thrive or even survive in the future world of automotive logistics, you will need to be a whole lot more than just an efficient storage and handling facility.

Adaptability, flexibility and configurability have always been ProAct’s mantra when it comes to the software solutions that support change. At the core of our solutions is the Process Digitalization Engine (PDE), a unique technology that has for years offered unparalleled levels of sophistication and agility, be that within yard management or indeed the entire factory to consumer supply chain. The PDE is about knowledge automation, the ability for complex business processes and decisions to be optimized, digitized and executed autonomously (always of course, with the ability for users to intervene) and accurately in response to and in context of real-time changes in the operational environment.
Whilst ProAct has been at the forefront of yard management solutions for many years, our technology is now really coming into its own.

Because the PDE enables the real-time, end-user configuration of unlimited, sophisticated business processes, the ability to extend and scale to the future needs describes above is inherent in our solution. One solution that can meet the predicted future demands of the industry and can also change direction at a moment’s notice when unexpected demands hit us.

ProAct’s yard management technology is already a market leader in the industry today, but our eye is most definitely on the future. That focus is reflected in the scope of and investment in our future roadmap. Ask yourself; does your yard management solution meet the demands of the market today and will it meet the demands of the market in future. If the answer is no, then ProAct can help.

Once implemented, most other solutions in the yard management space will begin to harden. Just as concrete sets, the processes, decision logic and events that were initially defined will begin to be set in stone and become difficult to change, enhance or extend. This is the complete antithesis of adaptability and flexibility.
A ProAct yard management solution deployment is based on the premise that what we implement on day one is just the start of the journey and that change, process reengineering and continuous improvement are perpetual activities that will continue over the life of the solution. What’s more, these are all configuration activities that could be under the customer’s control and not that of the software vendor.


Be it managing a global, multi-modal factory-to-dealer control tower or a network of complex multi-modal yards, the ability to integrate electronically is and will always be a key success factor. Be it traditional EDI, modern APIs and web services or connecting with future vehicle telematic data, this requires both advanced technologies that are aligned with all methods of integration and a depth of knowledge and experience proven across the industry. Integration also means facilitating collaborative platforms for those stakeholders that may not have advanced or even basic integration capabilities. ProAct has over 30 years of experience integrating to OEMs, service providers and ocean, rail and road carriers globally.


Multi-Time Zone
Multi-Unit Of Measures (UOM)
Multi-Modal (Transport)
Factory-to-consumer planning and execution
End-to-end control tower visibility
Dealer/Consumer visibility & collaboration
Aftermarket VIN activity management
Network Yard Management
Yard Setup & Configuration
Yard Graphical real-time visualization
Multi-modal route and process planning
Dynamic multi-modal Itinerary projection
Sophisticated yard process/activity management
Multi-modal manifest management
Perpetually configurable events & triggers
Service provider allocation and collaboration
Service and Job allocation management
Route capacity constraints
Resource capacity constraints
Yard Location Maintenance (Bays, Tracks, Lanes, Berths, Sectors, Workshops etc)
Location assignment rules
Parking & movement optimisation
Route/Ramp code allocation
Movement/Proximity Optimisation
Rail car & train load optimisation
Rail Car ‘Spotting’ and Switching support
Barcode Scanning
RFID Configuration
Storage duration management

UMLER data storage and reference facility
QR Label generation
Document Management
Workshop/Resource set up
Workshop Skillset requirements
Workshop Equipment/Asset requirements
Equipment Loading / Unloading (rail, road, ocean)
Automated workflow & task allocation
Crew Bus Management
Workflow & task allocation duration tracking
Parts Inventory allocation
Resource availability diary
Workshop capacity management
Activity duration tracking
Rail car management & tracking
Truck management & tracking
Vessel management & tracking
Vessel unload planning & berth visibility
Vessel schedule management
Inbound/Outbound manifest management
Factory process visibility
KPI Tracking & MIS dashboarding
Vehicle or Equipment Inspections & surveys
Photographic and document support
Storage duration management
Ruled based ‘Hold’ management & release
AIAG format damage recording
Repair tracking
Upfitting management (PIO,DIO,FIO)
Inspection capture & management
VIN decoding
Equipment asset Register
Equipment compartment/Deck Configuration
Equipment load planning restrictions

Cost And revenue tariff management
Automatic charge Matching
Billing creation
Extensive EDI, Web Services and API support
EDI error handling and management tools
EDI activity history & auditing


VIN originating data capture/request
Status recording (battery, tyre, GPS etc)
Status based rules and task triggers
Automatic assignment of yard tasks
Resolution verification


Android native online/offline App Secure device authorisation
Local operational data storage (offline)
Inspection/Survey Management
Automatic Job allocation
Photo, annotation and signature capture
GPS tracking & Geofencing
Business process management
Job location mapping and orientation
Yard inventory enquiry

From the ProAct solutions user community…

Downtime related to software has not been seen by our organization. We have the utmost confidence in this product to maintain our customer needs.

The emphasis on making the software user-friendly recognizes the need for the end-users to be able to use the tool and do their specific jobs.

I like the possibilities of the software growing with our needs as we address expanding pieces of the market.

I like the deep industry knowledge of the team that supports us, which continue to grow over time.

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