Why ProAct?

What makes us different from all the rest…

ProAct is different.

“Really?”, I hear you say. “Surely everyone says that.”

So, why are we different?

ProAct is different not because of our industry knowledge, our development techniques, our creativity our people or our passion which manifests itself in our superb industry solutions. We are different because of the journey we have been on and our passion to serve the industry with something world class.

ProAct never set out to build the best warehouse or transportation management system in the world. Early on in our journey we realized that such solutions would never be the value creation mechanisms for the future of supply chain. They were never designed to solve the increasingly complex and sophisticated business requirements of a world where the supply chain had now reached the boardroom.

It was in the boardroom that the realization that supply chains were becoming the critical factor in the survival of the business.

And it was in the boardroom where ProActs journey started.

At the turn of the millennium ProAct was engaged with a number of industry visionaries who also realized that the future of supply chain was not in main stream packages which still today are largely passive and administrative. They believed that the future of supply chain demanded something more dynamic, flexible, scaleable, collaborative along with the ability to manage and orchestrate it at the highest level yet at the same time apply strong and common discipline at an operational level.

The turning point for ProAct was the chance engagement with UPS Worldwide Logistics (UPS WWL) in the late 90’s. At that time ProAct had already embarked on an ingenious R&D programme to develop a highly configurable, process based solution technology designed to manage the emerging concepts of fourth party logistics (4PL).  UPS WWL was at the time also developing a strategy to strengthen and protect its market position by offering 4PL services.  Our company paths crossed and a relationship was formed

Such a solution needed to sufficiently robust yet flexible to drive the business in a global market that was becoming increasingly concerned with speed to market, value creation and delivery promise in an environment where disruption and chaos impacted the supply chain in new and unfamiliar ways.

Today, ProAct solutions are built upon a foundation of these concepts and in response ProAct technologies are culturally different to anything in the market.

From the ProAct community…

I value the senior leaders of ProAct engaging us on a strategic level as often as the tactical level and the joint efforts at finding win-win-win solutions.

I like the deep industry knowledge of the team that supports us, which continue to grow over time.

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