‘Digital Twins’ , the ‘new’ concept in the industry

Or it is ? ….Much has been made in the media about the concept of digital twins. In fact the principle and term was first coined within NASA in 2002. In its simplest form, it means representing the physical world (and all its data sources) within a virtual world.

ProAct solutions have been supporting the basic principles of a Digital Twin for many years, that is providing a virtual view of supply chain data (Twin) in the context of full lifecycle process (Thread).  The ProAct Process Digitalization Engine (PDE) underpins the Digital Twin concept and provides the ‘Digital Thread’ that is at the core of any Digital Twin.

Hand in hand with this is the capture of physical real-world data from multiple sources or devices (I.o.T). Be that telematics, diagnostic data, positional data or anything else, ProAct solutions are fully capable in the capture, interpretation and processing of such data.  ProAct solution will continue to evolve over time to encompass the wider aspects of simulation and AI.  Today however, ProAct provides the fundamental platform on which future digital twin concepts can be built

From the ProAct automotive logistics community…

Because of the ease of tailoring the software to suit whatever needs we have, I would rate this software as the best of the best in the industry after working with several other products.

I like the constant improvement of the product as the market changes and ProAct applies the industry-specific knowledge back into the software. The pace is well-balanced – the changes come fast enough to mark continuous improvement but not so fast that it seems chaotic or unplanned.

I appreciate having personal access to every member of the ProAct team. We get to know them as business people, technical experts, and human beings.

I value the senior leaders of ProAct engaging us on a strategic level as often as the tactical level and the joint efforts at finding win-win-win solutions.

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