Enterprise Supply Chain Manager (ESM)

ProAct’s Enterprise Supply Chain Manager (ESM) is a totally integrated and seamless suite of ground breaking solutions for all or part of your supply chain. It focuses on the following global control tower capabilities:

  • Global order management
  • Finished Vehicle Logistics
  • Finished vehicle yard management
  • Transload yard management
  • Cross dock yard management

All are capable of managing freight across multiple markets and cargo type. Each represents a sophisticated capability that sets the software standard in its particular functional area. All can be deployed at either a global or regional level and have the following characteristics.

  • Multi-modal
  • Multi-client
  • Multi-brand
  • Multi-site
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-terminology
  • Multi-timezone
  • Multi-currency

The extensive capabilities of ESM emanate from the supply chain process execution engine that lies at the core of the ESM technology. The process execution engine, owned and developed by ProAct, enables supply chain processes of unlimited complexity and granularity to be ‘configured’ (configuration = end user activity) and executed dynamically in the real world. The configuration of such processes, business rules, decision logic, assets and resources allows the solution to plan, predict, notify, execute and modify a supply chain that incorporates and integrates all of the transport and non-transport based tasks, activities and providers. In addition, the ESM contains all the tools to pre-rate, match, authorise, charge and invoice for all supply chain activities. The result is true, seamless management and orchestration across all service providers from end to end.

ProAct does not target any one market place or indeed exclude any markets. Our broad range and experience is a result of working with innovative supply chain providers to service global supply chain requirements spanning many industries.

Our solution strategy means we are well placed to service new and diverse supply chain markets through configuration of our core solution. We can often add more value to new sectors by the cross-pollination of ideas and techniques from another sector, a match that might not be immediately obvious at first sight.

Where a particular market requires new and innovative technology or functionality, ProAct’s strategy of complimenting the core solution with new customer driven functionality will ensure our clients are never restricted and always maintain one single core solution.

One of the unique differentiators of the ProAct International solution is the ability to configure solutions from a single integrated core product. The configurations below are examples of configurations in use globally by our clients.

These do not represent individual packages, modules or bespoke solutions but rather a user configuration of the core product, unique to each client or project. Any combination of functionality from the core can be selected and configured for a specific project, spanning diverse operational or management functions.

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World Trading With Industries Truck

Key Benefits

Business focused strategic solution

Designed to deal with complexity and still be flexible

Best of breed functionality

Many commercial deployment models design to the business need

Technically and functionality advanced

Full range of support services

A company focused on relationships rather than volume sales

Knowledgable and experienced team

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ProAct has for many years witnessed the evolution of the global supply chain market. We have indeed been at its very heart for over 20 years. Change and unpredictability in the supply chain are certainly not  new phenomena, although both have amplified steadily over the years as has the complexity of supply chains.

With this in mind, ProAct’s fundamental design for it’s Enterprise Supply Chain Manager (ESM) solution was based on the principles that is should be able to comfortably deal with the issues of:

  • increased complexity in global, multi-modal supply chains
  • increased complexity in local, single mode supply chains
  • being agile and rapidly adaptable to deal directly with unpredictability and the need for rapid change
  • providing one, single integrated solution that dynamically plans, predicts and executes the entire supply chain
  • providing one, single integrated solution that offers enterprise level visibility and collaboration
  • providing a single solution that manages and mitigates risk.
  • visualising immediately and in detail the total cost implications of the supply chain
  • responding quickly to ‘black swan’ type events

ProAct’s ESM solution is built in such a way that it offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach for supply chain management demands, delivered on an a single, ‘enterprise wide’ data model and as such offering ‘one version of the truth’ to any and every stakeholder in the supply chain

World Trading With Industries ship and Air Cargo

A few of the supply chains touched by the ProAct ProAct software solutions

From the ProAct solutions user community…

I like the possibilities of the software growing with our needs as we address expanding pieces of the market.

The best part of being involved with the ProAct team is the high level of integrity that shows up in every situation.

The emphasis on making the software user-friendly recognises the need for the end-users to be able to use the tool and do their specific jobs.

I like the deep industry knowledge of the team that supports us, which continue to grow over time.

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