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ProAct understands that supply chains are seen and managed for many different viewpoints by different stakeholders. Each perceive and measure value, performance and results in different ways. Each have very different requirements when it comes to software enablement. There are many such stakeholders including;

Third Party
Logistics Provider (3PL)

Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) / Fourth Party Logistics Provider (4PL)


3PLs are typically traditional asset based companies looking to maximise utilisation of their assets, often reliant on volume to drive revenue.

The problem however is that their services tend to be perceived as low value and therefore the revenue is low margin and the service commoditised.

This leads to an environment where cost savings are the only driver and switching between providers is commonplace.

ProAct solutions empowers them to elevate their value proposition, scope of services and importance to their client.

In doing so they will realise new higher margin revenue streams, increase their clients reliance of these extended, higher value services and, in-turn, also secure their existing business.

These tend to be set-up as asset-less or asset-light organisations. Some are set-up as stand-alone entities, others maybe off-shoot subsidiaries of major 3PLs.

Whilst their cost base is low and they have no assets to consider, their ultimate value lies in their ability to manage and orchestrate potentially complex, end-to-end, supply chains. Without the technology to do so, this can be both difficult and labour intensive whilst providing little in the way of visibility and collaboration.

The problem is that there are few software solutions in the marketplace today that specifically deal with both the technological and cultural challenges that such a value proposition requires.

ProAct solutions have their roots in the LLP market, so rather than being adapted to meet these challenges, they were designed and built for the purpose.

Manufacturers are focused on their product and some still consider the supply chain a necessary evil.  Many are however increasingly embracing the supply chain – they see it as another opportunity to add value to their total offering – and increase their overall margin.  The supply chain has a much higher profile in most manufacturing industries today. Manufacturers are increasingly looking to take more control of the management decisions within their supply chain whilst still outsourcing the physical components to individual providers. In essence they are increasingly establishing LLP departments within the organisation, making them more flexible, more agile, with better control of costs and providing themselves with far higher degrees of visibility and control. Many see a need to regain control of the intellectual property embodied within their supply chain but don’t always have the skills and, most importantly, software solutions to do it.

Their needs are very much like the LLP, so again, this is where ProAct can immediately empower the manufacturer to take control.

Market Sectors

Whilst supply chain principles are common across many industries the reality is that each industry has its own nuances and subtleties that can render many supply chain software solutions useless. As a result, many software solutions become focused and entrenched within a particular market. For a service provider or manufacturer that may operate across many markets this means that they may often need to deploy multiple supply chain systems to achieve their goals. This only increases costs, risk and maintenance and delivers little in terms of visibility and control.

The ProAct Enterprise Supply Chain Manager is a higher configurable platform designed to meet the specific needs of many market sectors from within one common, seamless, enterprise solution.

As such, over the years, we have been deployed within many market sectors including:

Chemicals, Finished Vehicles, Fashion, Parts, Consumer Goods, High and Heavy Vehicles,
Bulk Aggregates, Food, Government and Pharmaceuticals.

Each of these markets have very specific requirements that are either inherent or can be configured within ProAct ESM.

ProAct International – a truly global reach

ProAct International has a long history of deploying solutions on 6 of the 7 continents (Antarctica was too cold even for us !).

Over the years we have worked extensively in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. We’ve also worked in regions such as S. Africa and Oceania.

This global exposure means that we are knowledgeable about, and sensitive to, the specific functional, political, cultural and commercial needs of such regions. Furthermore we are conscious of the practicalities and pitfalls of deploying in a particular region.

Supported by a multi-language application capability, ProAct can be both a regional or global partner and provide 24×7 support for your logistics operations to every corner of the globe.

Just a few of the supply chains touched by ProAct solutions

From the ProAct community…

The emphasis on making the software user-friendly recognizes the need for the end-users to be able to use the tool and do their specific jobs.

I like the possibilities of the software growing with our needs as we address expanding pieces of the market.

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